What Can You Do About A Wage Garnishment?

A paycheck never goes as far as a person would like, but it's even worse when your paycheck is lower due to wage garnishment. A wage garnishment can only happen when a court orders it. Unfortunately, stopping it is never simple. So what can you do to stop this from occurring? Here is some information to help you learn your options.

Verify the debt

The first thing to do is consider the debt. Is it something you really owe? What is it for? Could you afford to pay the debt in full to the creditor? If you don't really owe the debt, you might be able to fight the garnishment. After all, you shouldn't have to repay a debt you don't owe. If you owe the money and can pay it off in full, talk to the creditor about it. You might be able to work out an agreement with them to stop the garnishment.

Talk to a lawyer

Another great step to take is to talk to a lawyer. You can seek help from a bankruptcy attorney, as these attorneys also provide wage garnishment legal help. An attorney can explain your options, which include bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is one of the best ways to stop garnishment. Unfortunately, it has some downsides, but it also has a lot of benefits. Filing for bankruptcy can help you with garnishment and other debts. For example, do you have credit card debt? If so, filing for bankruptcy could offer forgiveness for it. Do you owe money on medical bills? Bankruptcy also helps with this debt.

Understand how bankruptcy works

If you file for bankruptcy, the court will issue an automatic stay, which stops the garnishment. It also stops all your other creditors from collection efforts. You'll instantly have relief from your debt while you're filing and settling your case. There are two types of bankruptcy to compare. It would help to also ask your lawyer which branch you qualify for before choosing one. Both offer benefits and both branches stop wage garnishment. There are differences in how you repay your debt through the two branches; you must compare these.

Hire a lawyer for help

The best thing you can do when facing financial issues is to hire a lawyer for help. A lawyer will examine your situation and give you options. Then you can choose the right path for your needs and situation.

For more info about stop garnishment legal help, contact a local professional. 

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